Drop Off

Parents are welcome to park and walk their children in to school. Or for convenience, our playground gate opens up to allow parents to drive through and drop their children off.

Staff are there with a morning greeting to help children to their class. The classrooms are set up and ready for students to start their day with an activity and/or project.


We provide peanut-free snacks with 100% fruit juice. Parents are welcome to sign up to provide a class snack for the morning.

Circle Times

Teachers review the calendar and introduce the day’s lessons and projects through books, songs, and discussions. Classroom helpers dutifully carry out their community responsibilities. Circle time also allows students to share experiences and materials from home.

Free Choice

Indoor play is time for the students to interact with their classmates within different play and learning centers. Teachers work with small and large groups, doing projects and activities.


Our playground is mostly covered to keep the south shore sun off of our young explorers, who spend time digging in the sand, climbing the play structure, or using their imaginations to build with large blocks. Water tables are available in the garden, with bikes, wagons, and balls on the hard top.


Parents are responsible to provide lunch for their child everyday, either sending a home lunch, or signing up with the lunch service that delivers freshly prepared, nutritious, balanced meals daily. Teachers encourage students to try new foods, have proper table manners, and socialize appropriately during meal times.


We provide a foam nap mat and mat cover. Parents are encouraged to provide a pillow, blanket, or special lovey to help their child relax and rest.

Pick Up

Students have their choice of activities. They can choose to play in the classroom or finish projects until they are picked up from school.

Post School

For an additional fee, post school is available for all students, from 3:06 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Parents can sign up on a daily or weekly basis.