We believe that proper early education is of the utmost importance. It is the foundation for a happy and successful student experience from kindergarten forward. The goal of our preschool program is to provide a loving, supportive environment that fosters within the child a sense of self-esteem, self-direction, and the ability to cooperate with others. Once the child has mastered these concepts, we feel he or she is capable of performing at his or her highest potential.

We are a school in which individuality is cherished, where children experience unconditional love and clarity, with open communication and respect for the integrity of their efforts.

We offer a wide variety of opportunities for academic growth through the thoughtful, fun, and age-appropriate programs we’ve designed for children ages eighteen months to five years old. We assess and understand each child’s developmental needs to give them the best and greatest opportunities to grow academically, emotionally and socially.

We provide both formal and informal settings for learning that include a broad mix of free exploration and teacher-directed activities. Music, art, creative movement, drama and P.E. are all integral parts of developing the whole child.