Working Together

All through the year, we work to build a strong connection between school life and family life for our students. Our holiday-themed learning units complement family celebrations and introduce new holiday concepts that may even inspire families to start new traditions.

We encourage parents to participate in their child’s education at Unity. Some activities are required, such as parent conferences. Others, like the Holiday Trolley Ride and Snow Day, are highly recommended as a fun for the whole family, and are opportunities to get to know others in the Unity ‘Ohana.

We invite parents to observe daily class activities and join in classroom celebrations. Teachers and staff keep parents informed by emailing daily newsletters and class information, posting on class bulletin boards, and through informal notes and conversations during drop off and pick up.

We strive to guide new families gently along on their child’s journey from self-absorbed toddlers to kindergarten citizens. Often, the family’s journey parallels the child’s. As the youngster learns to see beyond their own needs and function in the larger school community, the family evolves. Parents may gradually or dramatically shift their schedules and habits, even home environments, to ease their child’s entry into this exciting new world. At its best, “kindergarten readiness” is a family endeavor, and at the end of the journey, it is a proud accomplishment for all.